PhD publication C. Raets

Dworak tumor regression grade prediction by customized random forest shows first fairly good preliminary results

Camille Raets

CT scan images and their Dworak tumor regression grade can now be predicted in a more automated way by the use of customized random forests and give fairly good predictions (67% accuracy).

The Dworak tumor regression grade is a typical diagnostic tool to assess the tumor response of colorectal cancer patients. However, the Dworak grade is determined by a pathologist by inspection of the tumor biopsy without a dedicated measurement instrument. This work will further improve training and support for scoring the Dworak’s in a more correct manner.

C. Raets, C. El Aisati, M. De Ridder, A. Sermeus, K. Barb├ę. An Evolutionary Random Forest to measure the Dworak tumor regression grade applied to colorectal cancer. Measurement (2022). 205:112131,

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